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Donna Ashworth Words

DAD Print - download only

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The perfect Father’s Day print, download at home and print in any size you prefer (because this is a download, you only need to buy one copy to gift several times), any difficulties - do email me on

text: DAD

You somehow manage to be both the anchor in my ocean when storms rage all around, and the lighthouse on the rocks guiding my way, when darkness blinds my vision. You keep me grounded, when everything feels up in the air, and you have been my safe place, for as long as I can remember. I want you to know that your love has been the yardstick for all other love that comes my way. You showed me what it should look like. And I go on loving like that because of you. As Father’s Day approaches, I want you to know, you did great. In a world where it is easy to put yourself first, you never did.