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Ladies Pass It On

Born Without A Worry - Printable

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Body positive poem by Donna Ashworthn


You were born not caring much,

For the curves along your thighs.

And it took you several years

To care a thing about your size.


When you die, I’m kinda thinking.

That your thoughts won’t stray to that.

You won’t waste your final breath,

To utter words of being too fat.


Yet the years spent in-between,

From your birth till you depart.

When your life is there for living,

When you’re young, alive and smart.


Are the years you waste with worry,

For the way your nose sticks out.

Or the changes in your body,

You can’t do anything about.


And those years may seem a-plenty,

But for some they end too soon.

What if you had not embraced them,

Whilst your world was in full bloom.


So, remember how you frolicked,

Little child of untamed glory.

It’s not too late to change your thoughts,

Not too late, to change your story.